TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker (Black)

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Quick Overview

Rugged weatherized design withstands the harshest conditions.
Enjoy your music at the beach at the game or in the backyard.
Rechargeable battery offers freedom to take your music with 
you and enjoy up 8 hours of audio on a single charge
Play pause and skip tracks right from the speaker even without
your Bluetooth device in the room

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2-4 Days Standard Delivery 
7 days easy return


- 11,500.00

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If you were born in the 80s or earlier, chances are fairly good that when you think of TDK, you think of cassette tapes. Of course, it’s also possible that you may find yourself thinking of CD-Rs or DVD-Rs as well. Whatever it is, you probably think of them as a company that deals in the products that store the audio, not the products that deliver it to your ears.

TDK Life On Record was born in 2010, three years after the company was acquired by Imation, who seemed set on expanding the company’s horizons. While the company still makes the media many of us originally knew them for, the Life On Record brand has taken on a life of its own. The TDK Life On Record TREK Max A34, the somewhat confusingly named follow-up to the TREK Max A33, is a speaker that makes a lot of promises, namely great sound and IP64-certified dust and liquid resistance. That all sounds great, but does it deliver?

As mentioned above, the TDK Life On Record TREK Max is IP64 rated sand and liquid resistant. In that number the first digit (6) is the sand resistance, and the second (4) is the liquid resistance. What it breaks down to is that the Max is pretty tough when it comes to even the finest sand or dust, but while it will stand up to splashing water, being submerged is too much for it to take.

Rugged speakers usually look rugged, which is rarely an upside. On the occasion that a tough speaker still manages to look like a normal speaker – this speaker or the Fugoo Style, for example – we’re always happy to see it. The TREK Max may not be the picture of elegance itself, but it certainly looks more like a speaker than a piece of outdoor equipment.

The TDK Life On Record TREK Max may not be as feature-packed as some other speakers we’ve seen, but given the price, that’s hardly surprising. The speaker does what it sets out to do: it sounds good and it’s pretty tough without looking like it belongs in the back of a pickup truck. We’d have liked to see USB charging included, but this is far from the only speaker we’ve seen with the same AC-only charging setup. If you’re looking for a rugged yet nice-looking speaker that won’t break the bank, the TREK Max is certainly worth a look.

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    Review by Leslie Prichard on 1/3/2014
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